Who Am I. Who I Am.

Hi, my name is Jess and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I hail from the faraway state of Oregon. All in all, very similar weather to the Burgh, minus a castle or two. I moved to this lovely city in the Autumn of 2010 and the entire country has completely bewitched me.

How can you not fall in love with this beach scene?

More about living in the Burgh later. Let’s travel back in time a wee bit, shall we? When I was 12 years old, I was itching to learn the art of knitting from the master; my Nana. As I’m left handed, it was a challenge for her to teach me everything in complete reverse. Many years were spent toiling over simple hats and scarves. It took me some time to become the trail blazing extreme knitty snob I am today.

Currently on the needles I’ve got a circular blanket made of mini skeins from The Knitting Goddess. You can find her lovely hand dyed products at http://www.theknittinggoddess.co.uk/.

10 Stitch Watercolour
Pattern by Frankie Brown

I’m really pleased with how its coming along. Granted, since it’s 4-ply, this project is going to require significant time. But the nice thing about this project is that I can pick it up no matter my mood, and not have to concentrate at all. Plus, it keeps me warm while I’m working on it. Bonus!

So there you have my introduction, and I look forward to sharing a particular epic knitting project in the very near future. Farewell for now.

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