Twistin’ My Days Away

I am a ginger and I like to twist (both in dance and knitting). This past season has found me intensely focused on cables, and the twisting continues into Spring.
I don’t recall making a conscious decision of devoting myself to cables, but alas, it is so. The madness started with a couple pairs of simple cable fingerless mitts for my pals. Then I thought I deserved a more detailed pair for meself.

Elbow-Length Fingerless Mitts
The obvious next step was to knit a cable jumper, yes? I wanted something cropped that I could wear over dresses, as that is pretty much all I wear. Digging through my stash, I discovered an amazing dk red wool that served its purpose well.

My very first cropped cable jumper!

I am proud to say that I have been in this country for two and a half years. It is high time I read myself a Barbara Cartland novel  (the term novel is used very loosely) and knit a classic aran jumper. I have to say I found the later of the two tasks much more enjoyable.

After purchasing a  few large hanks of un-dyed aran weight wool for a steal, I was on the pattern hunt: classic and not too cabled. Ravelry, as always, was a great help. The only problem with my desired pattern was its construction…knitted flat. Gasp! Egad!I am now converting this jumper pattern into the round.

This pattern appeared quite fitted, so I opted for the size large to make it extra comfy. The pattern was easy to convert and I’m loving the super dense and squishy textured pattern.

Poonam by Berroco Design Team

More to come next week. This feature has been brought to you by Ginger McTwist.