Button Eater

What do your dogs eat? For most, the answer is dog food. For mine, that is not always the case.

Completing the Audrey In Unst cardi, I wore & washed it, then added it to the jumper shelf. Upon taking it out again, several of the lovely leather buttons had disappeared. Maybe they were simply past their prime?

Replacing them with extras, I put the cardi back on the shelf without a second thought. Intending to wear it again, I discovered still more buttons were MIA! Casper (as seen above), the wee devil, happened to be sitting at my feet licking his chops for more. The wee scoundrel ate my buttons, I’m sure of it!

I had used up all my extras, so I was on the hunt for a new set of buttons. As it turns out, I managed to pick up a horrid dress with lovely black velveteen buttons for a steal. Transfer made and problem solved.

Now, going back to last weeks post, I have finished the angora cropped jumper. Paired with a dress and my newly acquired white cowgirl boots, it’s just my style. This pattern was such a delight, there will be another one coming along in minty green!