Shortie Mania

Hello, I’m Jess, and I am addicted to cropped jumpers.

Evidence: Since my last post I have knit not one, but two additional cropped jumpers (one of which I’m wearing this very moment). One might think that I am just a selfish knitter, when in fact I am still suffering from the backlash of my holiday knitting madness. 
Now I am knitting for me and me alone. Me I tell ye! 
Okay, so there may still be some strong underlying emotions.  

Jumper #1 of the week was yet another rendition of Purl Soho’s Short Row Sweater. I obvs had to have one in mint green, eh?

Then I wanted another shortie item with a bit more warmth, and whipped up this design myself. One of the many perks of knitting and designing for yourself, is that you can create things exactly to your personal specifications. 

 Blushing Lady

I adore this pink from New Lanark, it’s akin to ladies blushing. Teehee. My only aim was to do the shade justice with the pattern design; simple and classy. And as soon as I get a chance, I will draw up this pattern to include some more size options (besides just my own).

For this week, I’m thinking I need/want a new pair of fingerless gloves. But because I seem to have issues with starting smaller projects, I am embarking upon another large-ish one that may involve a mohair obsession phase. Any guesses for what this hot mess is going to be? 

Until next time kittens!