Design As You Knit

If you recall from last week, this was another design-as-you-knit dress. I did not put a lot of thought into the piece before casting on, and just let the knitting happen. Without a specific vision, I wasn’t sure what I would produce. Without further ado, here she is in all her glory.

A la Ginger Twist, I adorned my dress with large and funky fabric covered buttons (made by yours truly). Buttons can completely alter the look of a garment. Should you make a statement or blend in? I’m feeling pretty satisfied with my final decision. For those intrigued individuals, I will be selling a range of these buttons in my shop.

This dress also features straps in a woven stitch. I chose this stitch for its non-stretchy-ness. Droopy straps are a pain in my beehind. 

Did you notice the cheeky wee pocket? Dresses with pockets make my day.  Och, and I forgot to mention the cables running down both sides of the full skirt. Everything must have a lil’ twist. 

On a really exciting and positive note, things are moving forward with the shop opening. The lease is signed and everything is official. Pure satisfaction.

Happy Ginger Twisters!