Closed For Now…

Opening up a wool shop requires juggling skills and multitasking. With so many ever changing tasks, I am constantly updating and prioritizing my to do list. One of these items was a knitted Open/Closed sign to hang on the door. This lady knows what is important!

Fist I did a bit of fiddling around with making up some charts. Spacing was very important in order to obtain the same size for each side of the sign; “open” and “closed.”I enjoy doing things by hand, and as a result my chart looks pretty rough around the edges.

The main body of the sign was knit with New Lanark and the lettering used up some of my random scraps. Don’t you love when wool is efficient? Time for a wee soak.

Wooly Trip to the Spa

With both sides blocked, I crocheted them together with a bit of cardboard and wadding between; a firm, yet puffy piece. It was then, things really began to move forward with the shop set up. This was obviously one of the most important things to complete, yes?! I’m now in the middle of a shop makeover and painting up a storm.


Closed for now…  
Opening Soon!!