Another Coat of Paint

When it comes to knitting and crafting, I have all the time in the world. Unfortunately, this does not transfer into all aspects of my life. I am a very impatient painter. I would rather do soooooo many alternative unpleasant things. Waiting to put on that second coat?! Pfft. I want it done NOW.  And don’t get me started on the horrors of GLOSS! Grrrrrrr.

From the statements above, you may have gathered that I have spent some time painting this past week. The shop needed some TLC, and featured in the the role of my assistant is my lovely friend Sylvie. If you fancy a bit of fair isle chat, this creative lassie also has a blog of her own: Away With the Fair Isle. 

Admittedly, standing at the top of that ladder did cause me a bit of mental anguish. I’m not used to viewing the ground from that height. But besides all that poppycock, I’m happy to say the outside of the shop is finished, with the sign to be fitted next week. It’s quite a jolly colour, isn’t it? 

The inside painting of the shop is as complete as it can be at this point (in blossom white), as I’m still awaiting the joiner to come and work some magic. 

I love the colour of the door!

The mod podge decoupage workshop table is almost complete. This gem with be shared with y’all next week. Till then, beware of the gloss.