Every Man Needs a Cardigan

I feel best when I balance my more practical endeavors with slightly ridiculous ones. As an example, last week covered the more serious activity of painting. Who is up for a bit of cat chat this week? 

As the shop mascot is a lovely ginger kitty, my shop display was in need of something feline related.

Logo done by the lovely and talented

Inspired by a stuffed kitty pattern on Ravelry, I was just going to make one…but then of course I ended up with a whole coven of kittens.

Coven of kittens. Can you spot Ginger?
This very wee one is my favourite!

Giant button eater inspecting newbies

Enough of the completely cute and completely ridiculous, and on to the workshop table. As you may recall, I promised you some photos this week. The most challenging part was picking out all the different vintage pattern covers I wanted to feature on the table. After 8 coats of Mod Podge, I hope you are all pleased with my choices. All it needs now is a coat of yacht varnish (which I have become quite obsessed with as of late)!

Yes, it’s so true!
Reporting for duty, Captain!

Och, and if you have not heard, I’ve got an official opening date for the shop. Mark your diaries for Thursday 20 June, it’s all happening!