Opening Day

Much has happened in the shop over the last few days, as I was in a mad rush to get everything finished.

And considering all the mad rushing round, we only had one accident in the shop. Rachel the Town Mouse slipped down the hatch and into the basement, poor dear.

Last night saw very little sleep from me. I was just too excited to wake up and start my first official day at Ginger Twist Studio. After a nice cuppa, I trotted on down the road. Today was Opening Day!! I was so excited, I almost plum forgot to bring my knitting. There were quite a few things still needing done (like price tags and completing this blog post), and I assumed I would also have plenty of time for knitting. Would anyone really even show? Little did I know what the day had in store for me. There was pretty much a steady stream of people all day long, bringing their lovely and enthusiastic vibes into the shop. I was too busy chatting and hosting to worry about putting price tags on! I’m sure there will be time for that tomorrow (…). Also, I had a some lovely shop warming gifts come in the form of wool and chocolate. Jennie Howes brought in some of her lovey hand spun (reminding me of my Chanel Suit), and Mika of Yarn Pony brought in some delightful and squishy ginger business (as in the photo below). These gals sure know the way into this lady’s heart!

Squish Squish

 Attention! I finally got my window suction hooks, so I can properly hang my knitted open and closed sign! So after a completely brilliant and mentally draining day, I turned the sign back from open to closed. Thanks to everyone who was able to come round the shop today.


So tomorrow is the Opening Party, and I must finish a quirky accessory that is essential to my outfit. The party goes from 5pm – 8pm tomorrow (Friday) evening, so feel free to come round for a glass of something and a wee nibble. This is really a dream come true folks!