First Workshop

Today saw Ginger Twist Studio’s first workshop, featuring the Clementine Fair Isle hat as designed by Vala. Yay! It feels fabulous to have this exciting programme up and running. 


For those of you who have not met Vala, she is an essential cog in the workings of Ginger Twist Studio. Within her inner knitty circle, she is better known as the ‘Knitting Empress.’ I must get this job title added to her next batch of business cards! This Icelandic native has been knitting since childhood and crocheting for about 10 years. Vala came to Edinburgh for Uni and this lovely city sucked her in (as it did me). 

Class in Action

She has been teaching knitting and crochet professionally for 5 years now. Vala has taught at K1 Yarns, and was one of the teachers at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (her class sold out in 15 minutes!!). So never fear ladies and gents, you are in calm and capable hands. Vala is everything is a knitting teacher should be: patient, kind, inspiring and understanding. Featured below is one of her pupils learning Fair Isle earlier this evening.

Knitting British and Continental at once, yikes!
As her ‘day job’ Vala is half of The Lindström Effect. Please check out her amazing photography! She has also knitted for Edinburgh College of Art, Strumpet and Pink (very fancy nickers) and was featured in a textile exhibition at The Lighthouse in Glasgow. 
Ever modest of her accomplishments, I feel obliged to brag for her. This lady is obsessed with Cafés, and needs to go every day in order to gain inspiration. Lovecrumbs is one of her favourites (mine too!).
The Knitting Empress herself
 So don’t be at all intimidated. All of Vala’s classes are very easygoing, full of tea and nice chats. Come round to the shop if you fancy booking yourself a space. Later kittens!