Back in the Groove

I’m back in my knitty groove with my productions rates back on track. Yay! So this past week, I’ve finished a few items: 2 jumpers, 2 hats. Not too shabby.

The first to be finished was a project that has been in my queue for ages and ages, TinCanKnits’ Snowflake. This jumper has a lovely lace yoke, and best of all…buttons! Isn’t choosing a colour always the most difficult? I try and vary my choices, and not always go for the same shades. Here is Snowflake, knitted up in New Lanark DK (limestone and wisteria).


Next project to come off the needles was another one by TinCanKnits (obsessed much?). The Sitka Spruce Hat was a delight to knit, and the lace looks so lovely and squishable in the Cascade’s Eco Alpaca

After this I was really feeling the whole hat vibe, so I made a baby hat out of Cascade’s Luna (100% Peruvian Cotton). I’m the first to admit that I am not usually inspired by cotton. But I’m so pleased by how this turned out, and the colour is just fantastic! This wee elfkin hat shows off this cotton’s lovely texture. Folks, I need a baby/smallish person to model this hat…or I may be forced into using my dog.

Free pattern on Ravelry: Aston

And finally, my pride and joy of the week: I call her Jewel. This summery jumper is PurlSoho’s Cap Sleeve Lattice Top. It takes very little wool (for a jumper), and what a walk in the park! I wanted something to show off the stunning shades of METRO dk (wool of the month), and here it be!

More on knitting and such nonsense next week. But before I leave you, here  is a wee teaser. Does this photo mean anything to you? 

Let’s play ‘what doesn’t belong.’