Stellar Mohair

In my woolly experience you either love or hate mohair. There is no in between or compromise. I happen to love mohair, and have fallen head over heels for Marta’s Mohair Mist. This luxurious and fluffy stuff is spun in France and dyed an array of beautiful shades in Australia. My Fair Isle obsessed pal Sylvie was so inspired by this 4ply fluff, that she designed a piece for the shop. The results of her labours are a whimsical and starry cowl called Stellar, and will keep you warm in approaching season. 

Yes, I know it is summer, but as a knitter I am always thinking ahead to the cooler times!
Mohair Tip #1: Keeping Mohair in the fridge makes it easier to knit with (particularly in this heat). When mohair is warm, it is more challenging to work with. So keep your mohair chilled like a nice bottle of champers. Believe it or not, it’s a scientifically proven fact. Hence, the mohair in the fridge pic.
Stellar kits are available at Ginger Twist Studio (kid mohair and patter)for £24, so come pick out your colours today!