The BIG Knit Kick Off

This past Monday was a special event, twas The Big Knit Kick Off event (prosecco included). I teamed up with Age Scotland and Awesome Folk to organise this gathering of charitable souls, and we knit as many teensy tiny hats as we could manage. 

Bottle Topper Super Models


It was truly a lovely evening, and thank you everyone who came along! And now for some knitty gritty action shots!

Moi guiding Kate of Awesome Folk


Elaine Liner of The Sweater Curse


I was churning out some really basic models and sending them along to the ’embellishment factory.’ Here is the tale of a plain white hat who was transformed into a ghost, and then moved on to become a punk rocker ghost. 


Today I’ve just picked up a giant glass bell jar to function as a sort of collection tank. So for any folks who would like to participate, just bring your wee hats into Ginger Twist Studio, and I shall do a big send off in October. So keep on knitting those tiny hats!

For more information on The Big Knit, please see: