A bit of Dyeing

I’m not saying that running a shop doesn’t keep me super busy, but I somehow find time to be a sometimes hand dyer as well. I’ve been occupied creating a vibrant line of hand dyes deemed ‘Ginger’s Hand Dyes.’ It must be said that I really look forward to naming the colour ways. This is one of my new favourites: Gorblimey. This word stems from the ol’ British way of saying, ‘God blind me.’ Hence, Gorblimey.
Now for some project talk. August has flown by, and Lucy Hague’s status as Designer of the Month in Ginger Twist Studio HQ is coming to a close. This being said, I still can’t get enough of her lovely lace and cables. I’ve just started my very own Averin in candy floss coloured kid mohair (Marta’s Yarns). I just have the nicest image of me spending the Winter months knitting up a storm in the shop, whilst wrapped in this pink cloud.
I’m also embarking upon some wristees knit out of something very special and soon to be featured in the shop: Ginger Twist Hand Spun. Check out this kitty-tastic shade. AND it’s sooooooooooo squishy!
PS: I’ve just received September’s wool of the of the month, with much squealing and excitement. All will be revealed soon my kitties.