Kittens Take a Road Trip

This past weekend, a couple of my favourite kittens and I went on a road trip to Dundee. We were participating in The Big Knit; raising money for charity and attempting to break the world record of the most knitters knitting together. The atmosphere of the football stadium was charged with knitty excitement, and I could not help from emitting an odd squealing/giggling combo. I was also wearing my kitty fascinator and newly knitted Taliesin Shawl, which was also cause for much excitement.

Shawl pattern by Lucy Hague


As it turns out, we did not break the world record we were aiming for. Le sigh. But we DID surpass the police record for the most offensive weapons in a football stadium (I don’t know how offensive my wee Hiya Hiya Interchangeable circulars would be if it came down to it). And we raised over £3000! Well done ladies and gents!

I knit one blanket square during our recorded knitting time (30 stitches by 30 rows). I really do pity whomever is in charge of sewing all those bloody squares together. Sure, I will knit till the cows come home, but I will avoid sewing up at all costs! 

All in all, twas a great day out and I even got some sun. And I even met Miss Leona of Dundee’s Fluph, so that was an added bonus. 

Maybe next year we can beat the record? 

And just as a wee reminder, its not too late to bring some wee Innocent Juice hats into the shop. I had a lovely mystery submission posted through my mail slot the other day, and I’ve just uncovered who it was this morn. Thanks Kate from Awesome Folk! I shall submit all our contributions at the end of the month, so get knitting!