Ginger has gotten an exciting bit of luxury added to the shop stock. It is something that greatly benefits the actual community that produces said bit of luxury. This provides a genuine reason (not that you need one), to be spending this much on a single ball of yarn. The answer is CASHMERE! 

This particular cashmere is hand spun in rural Afghanistan in women’s cooperatives. There is a very limited amount (for the time being) available at Ginger Twist Studio. This super soft stuff comes in 50 gram hanks in natural shades. Take a gander. What would you make? 

And the lady behind this exciting project is Nora Kravis, creator of Chianti Cashmere in Tuscany, and producer of very fine and very exclusive Italian cashmere. Over the years she has become a master breeder of Cashmere goats, and you can even book a visit to go and stay on her farm (as one Ginger Kitten did just that this past season). Nora has now brought some of her own Cashmere goats over from Italy to Afghanistan to get this amazing project off the ground. 

Ginger Twist Studio is delighted to be supporting this project, and we hope you are all excited as well. Now come in and squish the cashmere! You know you want to.

Now, what to make as a shop sample…