Little Luxuries and Autumn

Ginger says, “You deserve a little luxury in your life.”  I’ve just whipped up these wee wristees out of the hand spun Afghanistan Cashmere mentioned in last week’s edition. The necessary cashmere and pattern will be supplied as a kit at GTS HQ to the tune of £20. I added a few buttons to mine, but then again, I like to add buttons to everything in my life. Do as you like. 

The pattern is very beginner friendly and would also work great as a gift. There are a limited number of kits available, so get them while they are hott (I feel two t’s is justified). 

Onto other kitty business. 

This coming month (October) is very exciting. Not only do you move further into Autumn (aka wool weather), but GTS is partaking in a special theme for the month; connecting the workshops, Designer of the Month, and special additional woolly stock.


So stay tuned for future happenings during this special month. And if you like making socks, or would like to learn, Ginger Twist Studio is the place to be.