Rodent Romance

Since last week I have finished Neon Tracks, a chunky cowl out of my leftover hand dyed from the Owls jumper. I have become particularly obsessed with this shade. Gorblimey, everything must be Gorblimey. The pattern is another free one of the amazing Ravelry, called Comforting Herringbone Cowl by Rose Jordan


It’s a really simple and effective pattern knit in the round with chunky wool = super quick project. I find its good for me to keep a balance between having some quick and easy projects on the needles/hook, as along with some projects that are a bit more of a time investment. Keeps me always interested.

Now onto some mouse related matters. Some of you may already know Rachel the Town Mouse. 


Her life is chalk full of knit club, shop minding, and wine. But lately Rachel has felt she wanted someone in her life to share this lovely life with. She’s tried online dating, which never amounted to anything. Why couldn’t she just meet a nice mouse man who would love her, appreciate her knitting skills and serve her tasty beverages? Is it so much to ask??

Enter Gustavo. He was on a delivery route with goodies from the Sicilian Bakery down the road. GTS just happened to be on that route, requiring some biscuits as a special treat. 


Rachel, ever cautious, thought Gus seemed like such a kind Italian mouse. I’m pretty sure Mr. Gustavo was bowled over by Rachel’s charm and whit. 

So they exchanged numbers and have set up their first date. What is more romantic than two rodents exchanging their life story and views over a plate of spaghetti? Stay turned for the next chapter in Rachel’s love life.