Ravellenics & the Dye Studio

This past week has been all go-go-go. Which is definitely a good thing! In knitting news, the Ravellenics have begun. For those not in the know, the Ravellenics runs alongside the Olympics. You can join a team if you like. I’m on the Geeky Girls Knit team, and its been really motivational. The Ravellenics, like the Olympics, is about challenging yourself. In this period, one is encouraged to craft like mad, maybe trying out or working on techniques that one is not quite so comfortable with. I don’t think I will quite manage to enter every category…

Here is a peek at what I’ve been up to.

brigantia-aran-purple-british-wool-ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh Woolyknit-british-wool-tea-cozy-ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh green-tea-cozy-ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh blue-wool-hat-ginger-twist-studio-edinburghnew-lanark-aran-wool-tartan-green-dark-knit-hat-ginger-twist-studio-edinburghwest-yorkshire-spinners-aire-valley-aran-emerale-green-fuchsia-pink-watermelon-socks-ginger-twist-studio-edinburghblue-capelet-wool-yarn-ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh    john-arbon-textiles-alpaca-sock-exmoor-sock-blue-wool-yarn-ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh




I’ve also just finished a sideways shawl (being blocked) and casting off on a set of leg warmers. I might manage to squeeze in a couple of things before Sunday/Monday’s deadline.


And if that is not exciting enough, I have gotten access to a proper dye studio thanks to Yarn Pony. Gone are the days of home kitchen dyeing in my PJ’s. No, I’m a serious lady yarn colourer now. I even purchased a clipboard today for my studious note taking.


Tuesday, my day off, was spent joyfully schvitzing over several hot pots and lots of yarn. Och, the colours! Besides having loads more space to more efficiently produce, it is just nice to not have loads of wet yarn drying in front of the television. I had just finished a full day of manual labour and the lighting was not so photo great, but here is a crappy phone pic of the day’s toils.

I will share more after I go to pick up the dry results. I’m sure there’s a few in the bunch that are in the latest issue of Pom Pom Quarterly.