Wool of the Month: Navia Trio

March is the month for Navia Trio, a delicious blend of Faroese, Shetland and Australian wool. This takes on the form of a worsted weight yarn full of bounce and magic. Look at those shades!


5 shades of the Navia Trio are currently available at GTS, and I’ve planned on getting more in. It suits colour work really well. And now for the samples. Here is Torshavn by Susan Crawford, which is actually based on an old Faroese stitch pattern. How perfect is that?!


Meet VOAR by K.M. Bedigan. Voar is the Shetland word for Spring. And what could sing Spring more than bright turquoise and neon green? These fingerless mitts are actually a sample for a Fair Isle Workshop happening later in the month. There are still a few spaces available, so please do inquire if you are interested. 


Or for those of you already in the know, get the pattern. If you buy 2 balls of Navia Trio from GTS, get a coupon code for your free copy of VOAR.

Speaking of Shetland, I had a lovely visitor in the shop today. Louise Scollay is a delightful wool lover with an infectious laugh. I immediately got the sense we were kindred spirits. There was bonding over tea and cake, as Louise brought along her fancy schmancy recording equipment to include moi in her podcast.


For those of you who have never heard of the amazing Louise, she does a podcast called ‘Knit British,’ which supports the use of British yarns. So if you enjoy a good woolly podcast, stay tuned for Ginger Twist Studio’s guest appearance!