My So-Called Obsession with Neon Green

Let us chat about my subconscious desire to in-cooperate this shade of Lime by Navia into every possible project until there is none left. This one 50 gram ball of worsted weight magic has made it into:


Voar (lovely knitted work compliments of K.M. Bedigan)



My interpretation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


And now here it is again in the form of a coffee cozy. Meet the Expercolator, warmer and keeper of the coffee.


This was what finished off the remains of my Navia Trio stash. And now here is what remains:


I also may or may not have recently procured a lil’ neon green notebook.

And I shall leave you with a wee shout out about workshops. The Magic Loop Workshop with Clare is full up for this month, but there are spaces in next April’s class. Early bird gets the worm, if that bird wants to learn to get by without double-pointed needles!