Spill the Beans: Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl

I have admittedly been behaving a bit coy and cryptic over social media channels as of late, but I do love a good secret. And what good is a secret if other’s can’t be yearning to know what it is?! Now is the time to spill the beans! This year shall be the first year of an official yarn crawl for Edinburgh. It has been deemed:

Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl Logo2 

And all the villagers rejoiced!! For those of you not in the know, this is similar to a pub crawl…but with yarn shops. It’s about high time we had one in  Edinburgh!  So mark your calendars for Saturday 21 June, 2014. There will be more information to come on obtaining your Yarn Passport, joining a group, the after-party and more. But for now, here are the shops that are taking part. We are a trio of fantastic ladies (I dare anyone to contradict!).


Jess (me) at Ginger Twist Studio


Cathy at Kathy's Knits

Cathy at Kathy’s Knits


Be Inspired

Mei at Be Inspired Fibres


Here is a silly photo that was taken by Cathy’s kind husband during a photo shoot for the Edinburgh Evening News. You can stay informed by watching this space, liking the Facebook page, and joining the Ravelry group.

Cathy and I with a valuable haul!

Cathy and I with a valuable haul!