Day 1: A Day in the Life of Rachel the Town Mouse

This is my post for day one of Knit and Crochet Blog Week 2015. Day 1 = a day in the life of Rachel the Town Mouse.

5th-Annual-Knitting-Crochet-Blog-Week-2014-on-Eskimimi-Makes Life is good for a city mouse in Edinburgh. A typical day in the life of Rachel starts off with a moderate lie in, along with the occasional cuppa tea in bed. This lovely rodent then makes her way, along with her pal Jess to Ginger Twist Studio, thus starting her work day.


She then spends a majority of the day reclining in piles of wool and receiving visits from her current boyfriend, Gustavo.  She doesn’t really have to interact with customers all that much (she is shy), as she primarily observes and manages Jess.

ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh-knitted-mouse-knit-club ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh-knitted-mouse-knit-club

Monday is knit club night at the pub. Rachel tends to get the party started in the shop with gin in teacups. The drinking sometimes starts too early and Rachel passes out or has some sort of accident before closing up shop. Her presence at knit night is therefore limited. Here she is earlier this year, after having fallen down the steps into the basement. She is quite a lush really.


Will she make it tonight? I’m sure Jess shall do her best.