Day 2: Rachel’s Online Dating Profile

Before Rachel met the mouse of her life, Gustavo, she tried her paws at online dating. Here is a look at her online dating profile. Please note that this is not how she hooked Gustavo. 


The first thing people notice about me: My stunning stripes. My ears are usually curled over my eyes, as I can be a shy lady when amongst strangers. It takes a second glance to notice my glossy whiskers and curious eyes.  


Five things I could not live without: Wool, cheese, chocolate, peanut butter, and gin. Och, gin should go at the top of the list. 


The one thing I am most passionate about: Wool…and gin.


The three things I am most thankful for: Knit club (although I don’t make it to the meetings as much as I would like), my pal Jess, and the fact that Jess does not actually own a cat (this would most certainly complicate our relationship).


I am looking for: A manly mouse that is also available to do my bidding, bring me tea and biscuits in bed, as well as support my fibre habit.