Day 4: I am Miss Hiya Hiya

Good afternoon, I am Miss Hiya Hiya. You can observe that I wear my name tag at all time. Please refrain from an clever quips about how my first name is the same as my surname, thank you. After all, we hardly know one another and should keep things on proper and pleasant terms.


So yes, with that business taken care of shall we carry on? I suppose you will be wanting to know my purpose in life, duties, etc. First allow me to begin with a plain description: I am perfect in every way (rather like Mary Poppins). My blue satin exterior gives off a calm and cool aura.I am a also a highly intelligent and organized individual. Every thing and thought has its place, and mine are all in perfect order. 

ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh-hiya-hiya-interchangeable-needle-set I spend my days as companion and general guide in life to Miss James. She would truly be lost without me, as she has spoken these exact words herself over several occasions. We do go everywhere together; tending shop, out for a quiet evening at the pub, to the park, or for a cinema outing. There are a few holidays in our history as well. We do enjoy one-another’s company immensely, and as I said before, Miss James truly needs me. Why just this morning we rose a bit early to do a bit of work on the latest Simmer Dim Shawl. This shawl involves switching between two different needle sizes quite frequently on the border. I came to her aid as always, doling out the needle tips as needed in a calm and steady manner. 

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoy my job and life’s work. Thank you for your time and consideration.