Another Busy Week of FOs and WIPs

And it has been another busy week at GTS HQ. Knitting, dye studio, and more knitting. Tuesday was another intense day spent in the dye studio. The results are mostly Delight 4ply with a sprinkling of Splendor 4ply, as well a new sock base (love!). The online shop should be updated again this weekend if you don’t have time to come in for a peek in the woolly flesh. 

And as I’ve just gotten in a new pattern shipment from Louise Zass-Bangham, I decided to cast on another Knit Night. I have continued to dream of having a bright yellow neck item, so I’ve decided to use Ginger’s Hand Dyed Sturdy Splendor 4ply in the Liquid Sunshine colour way. This knits up as some seriously soft and squishy garter stitch, and keeps me cheery on overcast days like today. I also plan on doing a beaded cast off, as I have some aquamarine beads in the shop that would really pop.   ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh-scotland-knit-night-shawl-gingers-hand-dyed

I spent most of yesterday evening finishing up a cardigan. This pattern is available in the latest Navia Pattern Book available at GTS, and of course I made it cropped. This only took 4 balls of the Wendy Guernsey 5ply (2 in each colour). You are meant to add a 3rd shade on for the button band and cuffs, but I chose to just stick with this classy blue. Feel free to take a look at my Ravelry project page. Sewing pieces together can be a bit soul draining, but this project just reminded me how important it is to take the time to properly finish an item. For those of you not in the know, we are running the Finishing School Workshop again in September. What has been deemed my School Days Cardi is still blocking, but how cute are these coconut shell buttons?!

 ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh-scotland-knitted-cardigan-wendy-guernsey ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh-scotland-knitted-cardigan-wendy-guernsey

Not totally unrelated to knitting, I did go see the new Maleficent film yesterday. Very magical. *No knitting was completed during film. 

The Wool of the Month, Excelana 4ply, has done really well. I am delighted to be keeping it around as a permanent instalment on my shelves. I’m still plotting another shop sample, as the Nile Green (delicious minty shade) has been calling my name. If you have been in the shop, you may have noticed I am missing 2 shades of the collection (Saharan Sand and Natural Alabaster). These should be arriving in this week. Hurrah for more Excelana!


And it shall soon be time to bring in the new Designer of the Month for June. Super duper excited for this one folks!