Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl Giveaway #2

Raffle prize #2 for the participants of the Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl is coming in the form of a free pattern! For those of you familiar with the world of podcasts, you are likely to have heard of Geeky Girls Knit. This is a Mamma and daughter duo, C.C. and Damaris.

ggknewprofilepicThey both attend the Town Mouse Knitting Club, and C.C. (JavaPurl on Ravelry) happens to be a pretty awesome and prolific sock knitter. She has kindly offered up a couple of her patterns for the yarn crawl raffle. I love Catch the Rainbow.

Photo by C.C. Almon

Photo by C.C. Almon

Take a look at all of JavaPurl’s patterns here.

When I first started planning the yarn crawl, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I dyed up a special colourway of my hand dyed for the event?! C.C. and I began to plot a collaboration immediately. So she may have designed a sock pattern that suits my super secret and special colourway (which is called Indie Burgh 2014). Ok, so there is no ‘may have’ about it. This has actually happened. Hurrah!

Ginger's Hand Dyed Sheepish Sock Indie Burgh 2014

Ginger’s Hand Dyed Sheepish Sock
Indie Burgh 2014

I have dyed up 11 skeins of Indie Burgh 2014, as I am located at number 11 London Road. The colourway is inspired by colours from the logos and branding of all three shops. These particular skeins will only be available on the day of the yarn crawl, and will come with a complimentary pattern designed specifically for this base and colourway. This shall be on a first come, first serve basis.  If you are intrigued, keep an eye on Geeky Girls Knit, as they will be showing off the finished product an approaching episode. Oolala!