Commonwealth 2014 Hand Knitting Event

The shop will be closed this Friday the 25th, as I’m going through to Glasgow for a hand knitting event hosted by ERIBÉ. All are welcome and I’m certainly looking forward to it! Here is a portion of the press release, so please read on for more deets:


The history of Scotland and knitting are intertwined! ERIBÉ Knitwear, a knitwear design house based in the Scottish Borders, are taking this inspiring story to Festival 2014, the official cultural program accompanying Glasgow 2014, the XX Commonwealth Games. ERIBÉ will be hosting a creative hand-knitting workshop (Friday 25th as well as a retail experience onsite from (Thursday 24th July – Sunday 3rd Aug, 11am – 8pm). The public are invited to get involved with ERIBÉ’s fun knitting activities in the Creativity Hot House area in The Shed Zone, which are guaranteed to delight and inspire. Event is free and suitable for all ages and abilities.


In ERIBÉ’s retail space the public can discover their charming collection of Scottish-inspired knitwear and learn all about Scotland’s fascinating history with wool; from fisherman’s Guernsey to the colourful Fairisle pattern. ERIBÉ are being supported by promotional items from Campaign for Wool and Textiles Scotland to spread the benefits of natural wool to a wider audience. ERIBÉ want to share this with the wider public, they aim to promote the Scottish knitting industry, to inspire, and get people involved ‘hands on’ with Scottish knitting.

ERIBÉ will be encouraging the public to engage in Urban Knitting in the Shed Zone to explore the possibilities of knitting. Urban Knitting is a form of street art, where people create colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn to brighten up public spaces. Scottish knitters will be getting involved including yarn shop, Ginger Twist Studio and Town Mouse Knitting Club both based in Edinburgh.

You will find ERIBÉ in The Shed Zone, Glasgow Green Live Zone, near main entrance (Saltmarket), Glasgow.