Creative Blog Hop

I was nominated by Clare Devine of Yarn and Point Sticks to participate in this here Creative Blog Hop. I’ve been given 4 questions to answer regarding my creative thang; dyeing wool for my shop. I  have also nominated two more folks to pass the torch to at the end of my submission. Here goes.

Breakfast With Ginger



  • What am I working on?

As I am running the shop (Ginger Twist Studio) 6 days per week, I don’t actually have a significant amount of time to spend in the dye studio. I try and go in once or twice per month on my day off to do a solid day of dyeing madness. The next dye studio session I have scheduled will be about replenishing my stock, as well as embarking on a new and exciting project. The plotting with another rather amazing and creative lady began a few months back, and it is now time to take action.  I will be starting to dye up samples for this project in particular, so keep your ears open for something intriguing to come in the new year. New colours, new bases, and it is all very exciting. That is all you get for now.

  •  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I love all colours, so I do try and have a complete rainbow. I fond of semi-solids and tonal mixtures inparticular, so I don’t really do a lot of variegated yarns. Och, and I also sing and dance while doing my thang in the dye studio. This plays a big part in my very-special-super-secret recipes and methods. Can you tell that my yarn has been serenaded?

  •  Why do I create what I do?

An exclusive line of hand dyed was something I always envisioned carrying in my shop. And as it turned out, I just did it myself. It gives my shop a little something extra special. This is a lot of extra work on my part, but I really enjoy  the process and what I produce.

  •  How does my creative process work?

I order in all my bases, take a look at my current stock and make a dye schedule. In this schedule, I usually try and create a new colour in every other session or so (keepin’ it fresh). But I certainly do a lot of re-dyeing of popular colourways! I usually do all my yarn prep the night before, so everything is ready to go in the morning. Leaving the flat in my most unglamorous outfit, I set out for the dye studio with a flask of tea and my dye recipe book.  Upon my arrival, I immediately plug my phone into the speakers and tune into BBC Radio 6. Dancing and dyeing work very well together! My day then consists of hovering over steaming hot cauldrons of water,  in-between sips of tea. Dyeing is a mixture of creativity, science and hard work. I love it.


I would now like to nominate Sol of the blog A Crochet Journey. She is the most amazing crocheter I know!

And my second nomination is for knitwear designer (among many other things) Aphaia.