The Sweet Smell of Success at GSoY

Glasgow School of Yarn was a definite success, thanks to the assistance of my Ginger Twist minions (aka highly valued and skilled workers). I took a few photos, if you didn’t get the chance to swing by the lovely Mackintosh Church in Glasgow. What a venue!!

Clare hard at work

Clare hard at work


And here is a sweet video that was shot at the event. Can you spot the GTS table?


I will say the trip home after the show completion was quite funny. After a long day of smiling and chats, I was a bit loopy. It probably didn’t help to have the lovely Clare Devine sitting next to me in the back seat making theme tunes for the names of my yarn bases. We probably should have recorded that…

IMAG1192 IMAG1193


In charity news, all the baby and preemie hats that knit club made earlier this year have now been dropped off at the hospital by Lisa-Ann and I. Yay! And for those of you wanting to show the British Legion some love, come into the shop to purchase a hand knit poppy. Just put the suggested donation of £2 in the tin, and pick out your favourite. These adorable poppies are all hand knit and donated by folks around the UK. Show your support!