More Hats!

Hats, hats and more hats! If you are just starting out, there is nothing so rewarding as a superchunky hat. Anna Wilkison does a great basic hat, and here I have done another His or Hers Bobble Hat using 2 balls of Big Brit by Woolyknit. Not everyone would put Yellow Orchid and Sea Green together, but I think they look fun and funky. This was completed in a couple hours. Hello productivity!


The Hipster hat by Tincanknits is a step up in the skill department, but defo still beginner friendly. I love how this one is knit inside out, as I am a big fan of reverse stocking stitch. This hat took half a skein of Ginger’s Hand Dyed Luscious Worsted in the ‘Little Cat Feet’ colourway. The yarn gives off a slight sheen, and is a treat to work with. I made 2 hats out of 1 skein!

ginger-twist-studio-hipster-hat-edinburgh-scotland ginger-twist-studio-hipster-hat-edinburgh-scotland


And last on the list in this batch of completed hats is Earl Grey by Clare Devine. I’ve made this hat once, and felt very inclined to make another one. Also in the colourway ‘Little Cat Feet’ this hat used up a skein of Ginger’s Hand Dyed Super Sheep Aran; deliciously soft and squidgy to work with. If you are just wanting to try your hand at cabling, this is a great project to start out on. And just look at that pom pom witht he pink frosting on top.

ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh-scotland-hand-dyed-earl-grey-hat ginger-twist-studio-edinburgh-scotland-hand-dyed-earl-grey-hat


And just for the sake of going to another extreme, here is the new lace weight base that has finally made it onto the online shop. Swanky Lace is the name of the game.