See you at EYF!

EYF is upon us! Still time to label a few skeins of  yarn though. My Tambourine cardi is complete, and the new Lush cardi is still damp from blocking. Mission accomplished and wardrobe choices sorted! I’m hoping to get a few pics taken this weekend. Maybe in this cheeky wee photo booth I’ve been hearing about?

The shop will be open on Friday from 11am – 2pm, but will then close as I scurry over to the Yarn Fest marketplace to set up my stall. GTS will then be closed on Saturday and Sunday for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. If you know what you want, avoid disappointment and order from the online shop with local pick up at Yarn Fest.

And for all you yarny shoppers travelling to Edinburgh for the event, come by the shop if you are still in town on Monday! I can’t guarantee how tidy it will be, but GTS will be open as per usual from 11am – 5pm.