Rest and Be Thankful

Occasionally I find myself stopping, looking around and realising all over again what a beautiful country I call home. Scotland is such an amazing place, and I am disappointed when I find myself taking its beauty for granted. Do you ever take your home for granted?

This past week I have had some wonderful visitors from the States, and we got up to some exciting adventures. Having guests from elsewhere does help me see Edinburgh and Scotland through fresh eyes. This also prompts me to go see things I have not made it round to. We made the wee journey to see Doune Castle, which was used in filming for both Outlander as well as Monty Python. Super exciting!

Doune Castle

We then had the opportunity to take a spin round Inverary Castle (aka Downton Abbey), which is still actually lived in! I managed to hook up with a guided tour inside the castle, and learned all sorts of interesting bits and bobs. This was by far my favourite!

Inverary Castle collage

Scotland’s plethora of castles and ruins are spectacular…and the scenery…and the hairy coos!!

Loch Awe collage

Rosslyn Chapel is another place that I had not managed to visit, and had the opportunity to rectify this last week. We had a wander down the wrong path and ended up coming across what we discovered were the ruins of Roslin Castle…and a functional holiday rental space. How amazing would it be to book out an old castle to stay in?! Next time perhaps.

The actual chapel is a wee gem. There are loads of stone carvings inside, and it is a true work of art. This made for a great day out, and is easily reached from Edinburgh city centre via the city bus!


And below is pictured the Rest and Be Thankful Road. I am definitely so thankful to live in Scotland, a land filled with beauty and opportunity for adventure.

Rest and be thankful collage