Say Farewell to Woollenflower

As July comes to a close, we are getting ready to say farewell to the lovely Wool of the Month here at GTS. WoollenFlower has been such a treat to have on display for the month, and it has proven to be incredibly popular. I’m approaching the end of my Scalene Shawl…it was meant to be done before the end of the month. I might just make my self-imposed deadline!

scalene almost done

The halo from the mohair when combined with the alpaca/silk/linen is simply stunning. All the garter stitch in this pattern definitely shows this wool off. And as you may have noticed, I chose 4 different shades of the mohair to form a sort of gradient. Can’t wait to wear this with my green woolly winter coat.

scalene swatches

If you have not yet have had time to check out her stuff, there is still a bit left and a now it shall be casting on a sample for August’s Designer of the Month. Who could that be??