Prue and Another Baby Lush

It is a rainy day in September and all I want to do is sit here with my tea and knitting. Autumn appears to be here today. I’ve had a few bits and bobs to do in the shop this morning, but it looks like I will get my heart’s desire all this afternoon.


At the moment I am working away on my Prue jumper by Bristol Ivy. I’m really excited about this one, and think it will just be a super wearable garment. Wool weather is here! This jumper is knit bottom up in the round for the body, and I’ve just reached the point where you divide for the front and back. Exciting times. The body’s shaping is cleverly integrated into the eyelet panels on both the front and back. Michty me, how I love this green!


And with all the new babies soon to be kicking about, my baby Lush cardigan shop sample is soon to be gifted away. I thought this would be an opportunity to make a stash busting replacement. I’ve picked out a palette of leftover bits and bobs of Ginger’s Hand Dyed to create a new baby Lush.


The lace yoke band is complete using 25 grams of Ginger’s Hand Dyed Luscious Worsted ‘My Little Pony’, and I’ve just got to decide what order/combo to use the rest of my leftovers in.