Final pom pom wreath

Make a Pom Pom Wreath

We are now in prime pom pom wreath season, and I’ve just completed my second one! For those of you looking for a bit of inspiration or advice, I thought it might be nice to take you through  a visual journey of how I went about making this particular festive decoration.

First you start with a  big pile of wool! For this particular I chose to go with a green theme. This is a compilation of leftover stash bits, along with some full skeins. Be warned, these wreaths can take quite a bit of wool!

As a base for the wreath I used  a styrofoam/polystyrene ring (30cm diameter), which I wrapped in ribbon with the aid of a hot glue gun.

After making a massive pile of pom poms (whilst sitting on the couch in my pjs), I attacked them with the iron to wee bit to fluff up and slightly full the edges.

It was now time for the super duper fun part! Let’s arrange those pom poms! For this particular wreath I first evenly distributed 7 large pompoms on the covered ring with the aid of my hot glue gun, and then filled in the gaps with 14 small/medium pom poms

And to top it all off I used 7 more large pom poms to fill in the gaps round the outside edge of the wreath, and used a bit of the ribbon to hang it on the door. Speed at the holiday cheer with pom poms!