Alpacas 5

Bearford Flock Visit

Earlier this week I had the distinct pleasure of venturing out to the East Coast Organics Farm located in East Lothian to meet the animals that are responsible for the Wool of the Month: Bearford Flock. I was already a big fan of the wool, but it just added to my love and enthusiasm for this product after getting to meet the actual source of such fine fibre (alpacas and Jacob sheep). And it was an excellent opportunity to model my Baa-ble Hat, Mittens and Cowl

The alpacas were just to sweet! I got to meet all the gang; Lancelot, Horatio, Barnaby, Aria, Tatiana, Aodhfin and Poppy. As you can see Poppy and I got on quite well. Someone was quite greedy when it came to carrots!

Next up on the meet and greet list was gang of Jacob sheep with their lovely patches of white, brown and dark chocolate.

Piggies in mud!

This farm was such a pleasure to visit, and I even went away with some fresh eggs. East Coast Organics usually has an open day in September, so I encourage you all to keep your eyes peeled. Ooo and look, GOATS!

In the meantime you can come in for a squish of the Bearford Flock yarn, or it is all available to purchase online.