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Neighbo(u)rhood Sheep Society 2017 – THE BRITISH YARN

This past year I’ve had my eyes peeled for a special U.K. contingent yarn that would suit the upcoming instalment of Neighbo(u)rhood Sheep Society 2017 to be released especially for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March. Opportunity struck when Sariann of The Chopped Ginger Wool Project was living in Scotland and developing her woolly brand. The Chopped Ginger Wool Project aimed (and succeeded in) establishing relationships with small farms around the U.K. in order to purchase all their flock’s fleece. This was then spun up at the Border Mill in Scotland as a single breed, single farm yarn. Upon hearing about the Bluefaced Leicester, I snatched up all the light worsted that she had spun up. Hence the limited edition aspect of the kits!

And so Ginger’s Hand Dyed Neighbo(u)rhood BFL was born! This particular yarn is 100% Bluefaced Leicester spun into a lofty, squidgy light worsted weight. The fleece is from the Riggmoor Flock in North Yorkshire. Becky and Richard (who now promote this flock) both come from generations of farmers. The two now use the Riggmoor Flock to teach modern and traditional farming techniques, and are also known for their flock of real live reindeer!

The undyed yarn itself is a rich creamy shade and was a treat to dye. For the purposes of this kit I selected 3 colourway options to choose from. So it still remains a bit of a surprise for you guys, which is definitely part of the fun! So take your pick from the following 3 inspiration images.

And here is where the dyeing magic happens in Edinburgh.

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