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The Vintage Shetland Project

Susan Crawford, queen of vintage has embarked on a very exciting project. Combining her passion for vintage and love of Shetland knitting, she brings you The Vintage Shetland Project. Susan has lovingly recreated 25 beautiful pieces from the Shetland museum, and they all have a story. These pieces are an amazing combo of different time […]


Designer of the Month: Susan Crawford

I’m very pleased welcome GTS’ Designer of the Month for June 2014: Susan Crawford. This lady is truly theQueen of vintage knitting, and fits right into the shop like a peg. She has been kind enough to loan me some of her samples. Currently on display are Helen and the Springtime Bolero , and the […]


Wool of the Month: Excelana 4ply

Wool of the Month for May is a yarn that really strikes up the band for me. Excelana 4ply is a collaboration between Susan Crawford (the Queen of vintage) and John Arbon Textiles. The result is a squishy and delightful yarn with a bit of a halo in a very very vintage palette. Oooo that […]


Steeking: Lucas and the Singing Bowl

GTS has its first guest blogger, the one and only Lucas. Imagine we are all sitting round the campfire and Lucas has a flash light which he is shining up at his face from below (which puts ones nostrils all aglow). This is the tale of the spooky Steeking! (dramatic pause for effect) MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, […]

Every Man Needs a Cardigan

I feel best when I balance my more practical endeavors with slightly ridiculous ones. As an example, last week covered the more serious activity of painting. Who is up for a bit of cat chat this week?  As the shop mascot is a lovely ginger kitty, my shop display was in need of something feline […]

The Chanel Suit

Gigantic Hanks The newest pride and joy of my wardrobe is a hand dyed hand knit Chanel suit. I obtained a vintage Chanel suit pattern which was put directly into my mental queue. Upon estimation, I needed 1000 grams. Obtaining all that wool was the first obstacle.Meditating on my colour options, green was go. Fortunately, Purple Photokitty was […]

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