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The Vintage Shetland Project

Susan Crawford, queen of vintage has embarked on a very exciting project. Combining her passion for vintage and love of Shetland knitting, she brings you The Vintage Shetland Project. Susan has lovingly recreated 25 beautiful pieces from the Shetland museum, and they all have a story. These pieces are an amazing combo of different time […]


Another Busy Week of FOs and WIPs

And it has been another busy week at GTS HQ. Knitting, dye studio, and more knitting. Tuesday was another intense day spent in the dye studio. The results are mostly Delight 4ply with a sprinkling of Splendor 4ply, as well a new sock base (love!). The online shop should be updated again this weekend if […]


Ravellenics & the Dye Studio

This past week has been all go-go-go. Which is definitely a good thing! In knitting news, the Ravellenics have begun. For those not in the know, the Ravellenics runs alongside the Olympics. You can join a team if you like. I’m on the Geeky Girls Knit team, and its been really motivational. The Ravellenics, like […]

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