In the wonderful world of wool, some things are hand wash only, and some things  are superwash (machine-washable). This is also true with hand dyed yarns. Ginger’s Hand Dyed hosts a wide variety of bases, both machine-washable and not. Unless superwash is indicated in the yarn’s fibre content, you should hand wash. As a general practice I hand wash all my hand dyed knits, but each to her/his own.

Please note that the colour of the yarn is fixed during the dyeing process, but incredibly saturated and intense shades may bleed in the blocking/washing process. This is not an uncommon occurrence with hand dyed yarns, so please don’t be alarmed. If you want to just give the dye an extra wee fix, add a splash of vineagar to the blocking bath. It is especially recommended you add vinegar to the bath if using different colourways together in one project.

Cutie mice

Photo by Fiona Rennie


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